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Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross Mod

on Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:41 am
Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross 2.6.0 Mod

Play Store link:
Coming soon

Requires Root:

Android 4+ device (Phone / Tablet / Emulator)

All features can be enabled / disabled in game
Damage Mod / Massive Damage
Autowin (Does not give loots)
Safe Mode (Must always be enabled)
Number of material drops per quest (Get unlimited keyblade materials quickly)
Unlimited Skill Bar (Your Skill Gauge never goes down giving you Instant Skill.)
Skip Enemy's Turn (Always your turn. Your opponent will never attack you. Dumb enemies)
LUX Multiplier (Gain LUX faster to speed up progress.)
Munny Multiplier (Gain munny faster to speed up progress.)

How to fix crash:
See this picture:
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