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FFBE Japan Free Mod Empty FFBE Japan Free Mod

on Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:27 pm
FFBE Japan Free Mod 00.-Final-Fantasy-Brave-Exvius-Logo
Free Mod:

Root Required: NO
Version: 3.1.1
Play Store Link:
Features: Low Enemy Stats (Not HP), Weak Enemies (No immunity or resistance), Ban Rate Reduction

1. Create a Transfer Code before uninstalling the game, if you have Root then just install the modded APK
2. Coded to be safer than all other Free Mods

Soaring Phoenix Mods Exclusives
Enemy Stats (HP, MP, ATK, DEF, MAG, SPR)
Player Stats (HP, MP, ATK, DEF, MAG, SPR) [EXCLUSIVE to Soaring Phoenix Mods]
Godmode / Freeze HP
Always Esper
Always Limit Burst
Status Immunity (No more Petrify, Sleep, Silence, etc.)
Weak Enemies (Reduces all enemy Resistance & Status Immunity to 0) [EXCLUSIVE to Soaring Phoenix Mods]
Semi-Auto Win [EXCLUSIVE to Soaring Phoenix Mods]
Auto Win / Instant Enemy Death
Arena Easy Mode (You always go 1st)
Lazy Mode / Always Auto Battle (Great for Macro / Bot users)
Ban Rate Reduction (A form of AntiBan) [EXCLUSIVE to Soaring Phoenix Mods]

Visual Only / Not Possible / Server Sided Features:
Energy Cost / 1 Energy / 0 Energy / NRG
Infinite Energy / Unlimited Energy / Mass Energy
Energy Overfill / Mass Current Energy
Steal Item Gain / Mass Steal Items
Steal Gil Gain / Mass Steal Gil
Gil Gain
Unit EXP Gain
Rank EXP Gain
Trust Gain / Trust Mastery (Not the REWARDS, those are possible... But the Trust Mastery itself cannot be modified)
Vortex Mod / Unlock All Vortex (Not yet anyway?)
Unlock All Quests
Easy Evolution / Level Bypass / Material Bypass
Arena Points Gain
Arena Medals Gain
Arena Auto Win
Summon Ticket Injection (PATCHED)
Lapis Injection

Credits: Soaring Phoenix Mods
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