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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius JP Mod Empty Final Fantasy Brave Exvius JP Mod

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:09 pm
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Japan 3.2.1 Mod

Root Required:

Android 4+ device (Phone / Tablet / Emulator)

All features can be enabled / disabled in game.
No more crash on Nox and other Android devices
Faster win
Lazy Mode (Auto-battle is always on)
Dumb Enemies (Enemies don't attack)
Status Immunity (Useful for grinding LB) [No more Silence, Petrify, etc]
Arena Helper (You always go 1st)
Limit Burst / Ability / Summon always usable
Instant Encounter in Explorations
Monster Attack/Damage (Max 255, Makes game easier)
Monster HP (Max 255, 1 hit KO!)
Monster Def (Useful for Raid)
Godmode (Freeze HP)
Enemy Godmode (For grinding LB)
Perfect Steal Items (100% Steal Rate)
Always refill LB gauge
Always refill MP gauge
Always refill Summon gauge
Material / Item / Weapon / Ability Capacity (Temporary)
Unit slots (Temporary)
Disable Random Monsters in Exploration / No Random Battles
NoClip Mode (Walk Through Walls)
Speed Hack
Autowin (Set monster HP to 0)
Ultra Fast Limit Burst Exp
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