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Monster Strike JP Mod Empty Monster Strike JP Mod

on Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:01 am
Monster Strike Japan / モンスターストライク 11.1.2 Mod

Play Store link:
Coming soon

Requires Root:
No, but a Rooted device is recommended!

Android 4+ device (Phone / Tablet / Emulator)
A rooted device is highly recommended! Please read the note below.

All features can be enabled / disabled in game
Damage Multiplier (Massive Damage / 1-Hit KO everything) (Warning: Don't go above 3x)
Godmode (You can't die)
Always your turn (You're practically invincible and its better than unlimited HP)
Instant Strike Shot (Use special skills every turn)
Perfect Gauge Shot

Warning: Don't go above 10x for damage multiplier

1. To play co-op via LINE a rooted device is required. Local co-op does not require root, however.
2. Only root users will be able to transfer their accounts.
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