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Brave Frontier JP Mod Empty Brave Frontier JP Mod

on Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:47 am
Brave Frontier Japan / ブレイブ フロンティア 1.9.4

**Note: Do not receive keys from Randall OR the gift box to keep the "No Key" mod alive!
See Below for a solution on bypassing the Key Retrieval Mission.**

Play Store link:

Requires Root:

Android 4+ device (Phone / Tablet / Emulator)

All festures can be enabled / disabled in game
Frontier Gate Esteem Points
Always Friend
Instant Town Upgrade (1 Karma upgrade)
Fast Raid (Instantly Kill Boss)
Autowin with autocapture
Autoloot items
Material Injection
Potion Injection
Unlock all Quests
Unlock all Trials (https://2img.net/h/s28.postimg.cc/y50gwwsdp/newmod.png)
Show ABP
Godmode (Freeze HP)
Evolution (bypass level requirement)
No Key (Unlimited Imp farming!)
Bypass the Dungeon Key Mission to keep "No Key" mod alive (Tutorial coming soon)
Instant BB
Instant Overdrive
Monster ATK
Monster HP
Unlimited Battle Items
Super Metal / Jewel Parades / Imps
Mega Metal / Jewel Parades (for farming crystals and tons of Zel)
Max BB Level (Temporary
Inventory Size (Temporary)
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