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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius GL Mod Empty Final Fantasy Brave Exvius GL Mod

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:46 pm
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global 2.8.1 Mod

Root required:

Android 4 - 8 device (Phone / Tablet / Emulator) (Yes, it supports Android 8 "Oreo" now!)

All features can be enabled / disabled at the Title Screen
Instant win (Grind TMR faster!)
Status Immunity (No more Silence, Petrify, etc)
Increased Encounter rate in Explorations (A monster appears on every 20 steps)
Player HP, ATK, DEF (For massive damage and godmode)
Monster Attack / Damage (Max 255, Makes game easier)
Monster HP (Max 255, 1 hit KO!)
Monster Def (Useful for Raid)
Material / Item / Weapon / Ability Capacity (Temporary)
Unit slots (Temporary)
Disable Random Monsters in Exploration
Autowin (Use 0 Monster HP)
Ultra Fast Limit Burst Exp
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